Issues with Krista on surface pro 7 when scrolling

Hi! I just downloaded Krita today I am trying to learn how to get started with the app. I fixed the pressure sensitivity issue but now I can’t figure out how to scroll on the tablet. when I use my finger to scroll down say the brush palettes, it makes selections of different brushes while scrolling in the opposite direction I am going. the same issue applies when I try to use my pen that comes with the surface pro 7. (so frustrating while trying to navigate different options or even the setting menus) if anyone can please point me the right way that will be a tremendous help!!!

Maybe kinetic scrolling could help : )

  1. settings → configure krita
  2. general → tools
  3. check the kinetic scrolling box

test the options which are touch-drag/click-drag etc.

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yes!!! it is working so much better now I appreciate your help greatly!! Crazy how such a simple setting it was I scrolled past that so many times lol!

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