Issues with pen and touch support

Type of device* : 2-in-1 laptop
Brand and version of the device: Lenovo X230T
System** : Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Version: Krita 5.0.2

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):

I have been trying to get involved with krita to learn a bit about drawing. I have an old lenovo machine I use for note-taking and work, and I thought I’d install krita.

I have the following issues right now:

Eraser support is… partial at best. If I flip the pen, the tool changes, but ONLY the tool designation itself. It keeps the settings, things like brush size, eraser mode, blending mode are all brought over. I like to have bigger erasers than brushes, and this did cause a couple unfortunate incidents.

The eraser tip remembers any brush preset selected with it, be it an eraser or something else. If you want a bigger eraser you can make a bigger preset and select it or change it so that temporary changes like size are remembered for the session.

Can anybody help me? Cause I still trying to get to the support, and still have a problem with ustal my own work that I did (I mean save my work) it just dont let me do it.

Hi @54_Dog - Please start a new post so we can help you. Be sure to tell us about your operating system and tablet and also the version # of Krita you are using.

How to do it?

Go to the home screen and click on the button “+ New Topic.”

Well I did it

its in the file-export tag