It is recommended to optimize Android 建议对安卓优化一下

Android Import Animation - Video requires FFMPEG but this does not have an Android version, it is recommended to either integrate or. Get rid of this feature or it will always feel incomplete. In addition, the filter G’MIC is also not installed or cannot be loaded. It is also recommended to integrate or remove the filter. Finally, I suggest it can be put on the Xiaomi app Store

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That’s not right, there are a few apps that offer FFmpeg “openly” on Android as you can see from their name, after all FFmpeg is open source, and many other Apps use it, it’s just not in the name but in the fine print. For example, search for FFmpeg in the Play Store: FFmpeg Media Encoder, FFMPEG DROID, would be results you will find. The problem for Krita is that Android does not allow these apps to be linked into Krita (if I understand this correctly, I don’t use Android).
Google keeps changing properties of the Android file system, this keeps causing trouble for apps like Krita and the FFmpeg ports¹ that create files on Android. But it’s not impossible, as all the apps will show you (and they usually get adjusted again very quickly after changes, too).

But why remove animation from Krita for Android because of this? There are users who work with it, they export their animations as a sequence of images (PNG, JPG, etc.) and then import these image sequences into video editors that are capable of creating a video from individual images. For example, search for “picture to video” in the Play Store, and you’ll find plenty of editors that can do this.
Other users use Android to edit their animations on the go and later copy the finished animation to a PC/Mac to render it as a video. So I see no reason to remove the animations from Krita for Android, just because some users are not able to work out workarounds, or ask for support and ask how to get a video anyway :wink:
Almost always in life, solutions can be found, you just have to want to find them.

Regarding G’MIC on Android, I lack the background knowledge, but let’s hear what @sh-zam has to say about it. It may take him a while to get back to us, though, it’s the weekend.

Since your topic is really mainly about Android, I’ll move it to the appropriate section, I hope it’s okay for you.


¹) For example, FFmpeg Media Encoder states in its “About the App”-Information: For Android 11 users: New rules require the application to use more confidential methods of working with files on your device. You will have to copy/move the input files to a shared folder, such as DCIM, Movie, Music, Download. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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