It should be possible to edit Text layers more easily bug / feature request

Edit text should be added to layer right click context menu.

In the screenshot shown, I have added a text layer and pressed save previously. I have then tried to edit the text layer by double clicking, then by right clicking…

The popup circular “icon fest” thing is horrid and could use some subtle text layers under each button. I never use it and find it irritating. Can’t find the text gadget.

So I look to the left and right click the layers up pops a menu with Properties… / Layer style / Cut layer etc… still cant say its obvious how to edit the text content.

FINALLY my eye comes to the second screenshot… (new users cant use 2 pics)


update: it’s done by clicking “Tool Options” > Edit Text way over the left side of image

You can just press Enter with the text selected.


What is a text layer anyway and what does it have to do with the quick palette?

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I can partially agree. I believe there was a version when there was ‘T’ underneath the text shape that you could click and it would start editing text. I don’t know where it disappeared… I thought it’s coming in 4.3.0, but no…

Also what I discovered:

When I have Text Tool selected in the Toolbox, I just need to double-click on the text shape to start editing it.

When I have Select Shapes Tool selected in the Toolbox, I need to double-click on the text shape to switch to the Text Tool and then double-click again to start editing it, which means two double-clicking. I guess it could start editing it right away…

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The text is treated as a vector object and so when you select it, you get the Geometry/Stoke/Fill tool options (as with other vector objects) and you can do the stroke/fill actions on it, if you want ‘fancy coloured text’.
Then double-click switches you over to the text tool options and editing the text is just one possibility here, so a double click is needed to make it edit the text.

(Double-clicking a vector shape switches you to the edit shapes tool and its options, i.e. a logical similarity.)

The simplest way is to click/select the text object and press Return as noted by Rebecca above.
I realise that most people would normally want to edit text most of the time but if you start to treat text as ‘special’ instead of as the other vector objects then that may lead to an unstructured mess in the GUI control flow.

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Partially agree with you as well, although I think that if, after double-clicking on the text shape using the Select Shapes Tool, it switches to the Text Tool (so no options to edit vector shapes, but only to add new texts… but the user already clicked on a specific text shape), it should already guess that the user wants to edit this text, so another double-clicking shouldn’t be needed I think. I mean, I think it could be possible to implement and not break any workflow :slight_smile: