It's october

In other words, inktober. . . you guys have any special plan for it?


I don’t tend to do very well with sticking to daily sketch habits - I tried it last month but only managed a few sporadic days! :upside_down_face:

I might get my ink tools out though - it’s been a couple of years since I last used them I think. :thinking:

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I’ve been doing #botober these last few years, aka the AI-generated prompts. (There are 4 sets to choose from.) The weirdness/hilarity of the prompts is the best motivator for me, since I don’t do well with the generic inktober prompts. This is mine from today:


hardly touched manual eh .

that’s definitely weird. . . . but weird is just another way to say unique

I did an Inktober painting (and it covered 3 of the prompts) but it was done in Infinite Painter. I do plan on doing one or more in Krita since it has pen tools and markers and brushes.