Jane and Duncan watch leaves fall (furryverse)

This took me so flipping long to create this cute artwork.

By the way, if this does look similar to @loentar’s “Golden Leaves” artwork, I will tell you this- this is not a copy from the picture. This is completely original in every way.

NOW! I want everybody to do this (if possible): try looking at the “Babysitter (furryverse)” artwork for some similarities between this one and that one. Think you can decipher the lore?


They look cute together. I like the color theme…

… and it’s definitely not a copy – the different story, characters… only the mood is kinda similar :sweat_smile:

BTW, how much time did you spent on it? (you can check it from File → Document Information menu)

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I created it in 3 hours. That is pretty much average from the rest of my other artworks

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