just being me

a picture of me just trying somthing new! im new so if sombody could help me post a pic that would be great!

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When you type your posts for any topic, there are some icons in a row above the text box. One of them has an arrow pointing upwards out of a small rectangle. If you hover your cursor over it, the tooltip says “Upload”.
Click this to get the dialogue window for uploading images.

The maximim file size is 4MB (the last time I was hit with this limit) and you can only upload .png, .jpg, .gif, .webm and .webp files (as far as I know). The files can be animated images.

I think we changed that to 3MB I’ll check once again.

Wow 3mb is very much :joy:
500 Kb is enough for a readable picture. 1 MB is great.

Yes we need to analyse and ascertain the best size. currently there is almost 14 GB of data and we are running short of disc space if you include 3 backups on disk.

Yes, better earlier than later to fix a reasonable size.
Krita artists is :+1:t2:

The old 4MB limit was lowered to 3MB, yes.
A 3MB limit enables short animations to be directy uploaded for on-forum viewing. It’s much more than is needed for static images.

Would it be possible to automatically scale down uploaded images if they are over a certain size?

Animations could be more difficult but they aren’t as many as static images so perhaps they could be allowed more space.

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