Just installed Krita 5.1.0 and touch won't work

Just downloaded the latest krita, 5.1.0 and when I started up my Wacom, I couldn’t use the touch gestures.
When i touch the screen I just get a square outline that appears and dissappears with touch, but absolutely no functionality.
I tried a restart a few times and checked the Wacom driver, whichnis up to date and the pen display recognizes Krita in the settings.
Any support toward solving this would be greatly appreciated!

I see you’ve started 2 topics asking for help but you’re not telling us which operating system you’re on.

If you’re on Windows, try changing the Windows Input API in Tablet Settings. Then you must close Krita and restart it to see the change.

If you’re not on Windows, please supply your OS.

Sorry, windows 10.

Great. Let us know if the tip helped at all.

Can you please elaborate a bit? I am jowbit tablet settings and dont know what to look for.

*now in…

Click on Settings from the Toolbar, then Configure Krita. Once the configuration panel is open, select Tablet Settings. Look for Windows Input API. There are 2 choices - I just closed Krita for the night but I believe the choices are WinTab and Windows Ink… Whichever yours is set on, select the other instead. Close Krita completely. Restart Krita and see if it helped.

EDIT: I’m signing off for the night (2 am here). If that didn’t help perhaps someone else will have different ideas.

Thanks, I’m a bit of a boob with the tech…
I cant find the configure krita options.

OK, I found and applied. No change…

In Krita under ‘‘Settings’’ >> ‘‘Configure Krita’’ >> ‘‘Tablet Settings’’ there you can choose ‘‘Windows 8+ Pointer Input (Windows Ink)’’ or ‘‘WinTab’’. Choose the option that isn’t active yet, click on the OK-Button of that dialog-window and restart Krita to see if it fixes your issue.


Did you restart Krita?


Nice to see you again. you were a GREAT help to me before.

To add; everything else appears to be functioning normally. Brushes and general navigation. Only the touch gestures on yhe canvas had no reaction.

Thank you!

Okay, then revert to the settings you had before, restart Krita again, and then go to ‘‘Settings’’ >> ‘‘Configure Krita’’ >> ‘‘General’’ in the tab ‘‘Tools’’ you find settings for touch functionality, please try these, and as always restart Krita after you changed them.
Unfortunately, I haven’t got a device with touch-functionality and can’t test such settings to give better advice.


The only option i see is enable touch painting. Tried that just to see if there was some activity on the canvas, but it had no effect.

If you can help me get back to the earlier version of krita, I can at least get some work done. Then I can revisit this version later.

Uh, try going to the Krita (not Artists) website and finding a page to download past versions, then download your last pre-5.1 version? I forgot where it is, but I know it exists.

Go to the Krita website and download Krita with the big blue button on the site download. After it’s downloaded, install it over the installation of the release-candidate.
Or did you do this already and encountered problems thereby?


It says i need to remove the newer version manually, but dont want to lose my presets and preferences.

Well, and if I’m guessing correctly, of course you didn’t back up your "kritarc"file and the resource folder before installing the release candidate, right?
Are you at least familiar with the Windows file system and confident in using Explorer? If so, I’ll explain it to you after I’ve had lunch. And if not, of course I’ll explain it, as long as you don’t get desperate and panic.