K5 on Android - reference image problem

I managed to accidentally skew and rotate the reference image on Android (Krita 5.0.2 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 11) and I can’t get it to go back the way it should be… See screenshot…
All I was trying to do was reposition the reference and that’s when it did the rotation and when I tried to get it to go back, that’s when it got skewed out of the 90° angle. 🤷

You could delete it and then re-insert it into Krita. Or do you no longer have the reference image?


I guess I can try that … I did see some reference image controls (to cut) but it’s rather hard to trigger on Android. I’ve even made it crash when I did it once.
I don’t even remember how I triggered it.

…and good luck!


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I finally did manage to cut it and reimport it and it didn’t crash, yay!
I had to long press on the reference image (after selecting the reference pin tool icon.)


It did it to me again yesterday. I tapped on the Reference Image tool, then I started to resize the box and somehow it triggered the rotate instead, as if it’s behaving like the transform tool when that’s set to rotate. It seems to do this at random.