Kappa love cucumber!

I’m new user of Krita and it is great! Love Krita! :smiley:


Welcome on the board Khai_Hong_Ng!

A very nice animation you did.

a really good job. water is not easy at all. loved it and it is super cute too. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Really fun to animate with texture brush.

Thank you very much~ There is a lot of thing I want to try in Krita :laughing:

That’s great! I don’t do animation myself, but I can appreciate the subtle touches like the feeling of weight as the character moves. I really like the style, plus - it’s super cute and makes me smile! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks~ It make me smile too when I look at it after I finish the animation, he look so harmless :joy:

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Cute animation, Khai! Everything moves so nicely. :slight_smile: