Kdenlive discovery

I have been taking a looky look into kdenlive to see if I can use it as my new main video editor and I have noticed that both Krita and Kdenlive and remarkably similar, like more than I could imagine them to be.

However here and there some things are different and some are actually good ideas that could also work for Krita since it has the same basis for the most part I think.

you can change the theme and the style:

The Environment Setup:

ffmpeg alignment to be used.

external folder for organization though pulling from 2 folder for each would make more sense since it seems to force you to opt from the system folder and user defined one, either way it works.

external editors. This comes in line with the interconnection of programs I occasionally speak of it is not just blender.

waveform rendering on the widgets is possible and can be analyzed I assume since it is a KDE project too.


I wish I could have the option to use the breeze style theme in Krita when I’m using windows. I tried copying the “breeze.dll” file from C:\Program Files\kdenlive\bin\styles to C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bin\styles to see if it would show up in the Krita’s style switcher but I guess it’s not that simple :laughing:

Kdenlive itself is a very nice video editing application. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the bigger video editors but it works well for me for simple editing and deleting of clips. It’s interface was very easy for me to understand.

Can you not?

I mean the title bar is still white, but otherwise it looks similar.

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It’s a huge dependency, that’s why you can only use Breeze on a system that has it installed in a way Krita can access it… which means mostly Linux with Plasma.

@Aduah theme and style are two different things; in Breeze style, everything looks different, buttons, dockers, windows, etc. Theme just changes the colors.

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Gotcha, My bad. To me, theme and style have pretty much been synonymous. :sweat_smile:


You have the ability to change style in Krita 5.0 at least on Linux. Kdenlive and Krita are similar because they use KDE frameworks and libraries :slight_smile:

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Here’s what the “breeze style” looks like. Everything looks more flat and sleek
It can only be accesed on certain desktop linux distributions that use the kde plasma desktop environment.

this is the “fusion style” that most krita users will only be able to use

On windows the breeze style for kdenlive from it’s C:\Program Files\kdenlive\bin\styles folder is just 500kb. Maybe they spent a lot of time programming a new breeze style that any OS can use on kdenlive

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