Key Enter plugin


Key Enter is a Krita plugin to tag images with keywords intended for filtering.



  • File mode operations.
  • Keyword list management.
  • Drag and drop images from OS or Photobash.
  • Name input and output analysis.


Initial Notes

  • Attention this plugin will RENAME your files.
  • Please do not use this plugin on a production setting.
  • It is still untested for Linux and Mac environments but theoretically should work.
  • Please warn me of any conflicts that may arise with your system or nomenclature

How to Use:

  1. Select Operation
  2. Type in items for the list of keywords
  3. Click to make a selection of keywords to be used
  4. Drag and drop the image file from OS or from Photobash to apply the operation with settings


Extra Notes:

  • All tags can be removed whole after applied regardless of combination used.
  • changes done with Photobash active will have extra time added varying with folder size, because it will update after the changes to the file even though keyword nomenclature will not rearrange the file order.

Is is so crary that i can only modify the images one by one :cry:In addition, tags cannot be grouped and managed, nor can they be quickly selected or excluded by clicking .I may have to rename the file a lot. Then use photobash to enter the entry search…

So you want to:

  1. place the same tag to multiple images.
  2. group tags.
  3. quickly select or exclude items.


  1. I could try do this but would only work from the OS never from Photobash where this is intended to be normally used with. Also I do not even have any guaranty this to be even possible…
  2. just click on the list to make the combination you want. The demo shows this. if you want make a single entry with all the names you want it will still detect the pieces inside Photobash.
  3. same as 2.

What I want to talk about is actually the management of tags. For example, “pork” and “beef” are in the “meat” group. As for the third point, I mean that when “pork” is checked, all images with this tag can be automatically selected or excluded.

Well that depends on the filter your using to manage the images I guess. Key Enter only does the tagging and possibly some other file operations that seem relevant to handle odd cases, namely those related with QImage. but it is not the filter itself.

By renaming then it is compatible with any software or should without the need to redistribute anything that require duplicate cycles to filter or be limited by file formats like in the case of EXIF, some images would simply not work to have tags. It also solves some fears by being a separate identity.

At the moment Photobash (and I speak of it because it is the only filter I know now) has no user input to exclude cases. that would require a second line text (UI expansion) or some form of syntax to discriminate the negative cases (that would increase complexity for users and for all code verification cycles). But now everything is very linear and quite easy to use. There is also no hierarchy structure over tags when doing searches nor that I feel that to be something worthwhile.

However I will see if I can drag and drop multiple images in. Because if I can receive them it would be easy to do the rest and rename.

This was easier than I thought it would be to import multiple files in.
This only works using the file manager interface.
The vertical layout was not pleasing me at all when pushing into smaller sections of krita.
Also there is something off and I don’t know what.

Updated “Key Enter” and “Photobash” in parallel. Thing is Photobash was almost crashing with updating something while Key Enter changed multiple files at once so I did some changes:

Key Enter:

  • key REMOVE - removes the selected keys out.
  • file RENAME - renames files.
  • file ECHO - marks duplicated images with the key “echo” regardless of name. It checks image content so it takes a bit to verify.
  • file LOCATION - only opens location of a single file now to avoid spammy windows.
  • updates with every file to display progress. Image display and progress bar. For ECHO it only shows with positive hits.
  • When Key Enter is active with Photobash, each job request will ask Photobash to STOP and then to START automatic updates the after job is completed. This is what Key Enter is using now to increase performance times, otherwise it works quite well with just the file manager (at least on windows).
  • Threading to ease calculation work, this will not lock the UI even for larger operations so you can leave Key Enter working on the backgroud sorting things out as you work.
  • Directory input - paste the directory path in the line edit and it will execute the given operation to the whole folder with no need of dragging and dropping.


  • Now Photobash deals better with folder changes. But still more files means more time spent.
  • Fixed a Photobash memory spill where it would update even with the docker closed.
  • Photobash can now filter negative terms with the keyword NOT. Everything on the right side of the word not will be removed from positive the search results. However it is leanant, so searching for “man” will find “woman” and the same works for the negation. Negating “man” will negate “woman”. So choose proper keywords to use.
  • New function that other scripts can request for Photobash to STOP or to START it’s automatic updates over the directory folder. This is usefull when Photobash is trying to update to changes being made to files. Code to make requests to Photobash:
        # Photobash Images request to switch updating state
            from photobash_images_ import photobash_images_docker
            self.photobash_images = photobash_images_docker.Photobash_Docker()
    def Photobash_State(self, boolean, directory):
        boolean - check updated control. Start=True and Stop=False.
        directory - directory where the changes are being done.
            self.photobash_images.Filter_State(boolean, directory)
  • Faster performance on UI and Modules.

I must say communication between plugins is something that I find interesting nowadays.

bulk_key_rename . mark_duplicates


search_negative_terms . thread_operations