With the recent events going on at the moment, would now be the right time to make a kickstarter?

We should spread the word about this

Kickstarter takes a cut and the rewards are costly to ship.

There should be a way to make a one time donation.

I haven’t given anything because the lack of that option.

The one shot donation is already here
From many years now :slightly_smiling_face:



How did you find that? If it’s on the fund page I’m blind.

It’s on the donate page


Ok. I’ve always ended up on the fund page when I was thinking about a donation.

There should be a link to the donate page on the fund page and a link to the fund page on the donate page. Or merge the pages to one page.


Yes, should refer to this page for one time donation…



As others have already said, Krita does already have the Development Fund. That’s what should be promoted/pushed to help the project get the funds it needs.
Using something like Kickstarter, seems not only to contadict some of the core values behind Krita and Free Software, but it will also get less money going into Krita’s development.