Kiki and Leon paint a Snowman

Hello there,

Since this year had the first real snow we’ve had in a while, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a winter-themed illustration while the memory of what winter looks like is still fresh in my mind.

And here it is:

old Version

For the process, I started out by doing some drawings of the Krita and Huion mascots and logos, to figure out how to stylize them cohesively. Then I did some compositional sketches and started on the main illustration.

I used Krita’s perspective tool to plot out the buildings and ground the characters, did an underpainting for figuring out the background (I used the bristle engine a lot for this one. I think it’s most apparent in the sky), and then tightened things up with a simple smudge engine impasto and a few of the watercolor brushes that have been added recently.
Kiki, Leon and the snowman are in their own layer group, so I could work with alpha inheritance and get clean results without having to be ultra precise.
oh, and of course I added some glitter to make the snow feel more lively.

Lastly, here’s some of the sketches:


This is gorgeous! Both Kiki and Leon look so cute in your art style!

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I love how you show off the character of winter. The picture in general reminds me a lot of the winter in my homeland … maybe we live in similar places🤷‍♀️

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Done. Do you need me to remove the old version?

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No, this is fine. Thanks for the quick response :smile: