KiKi and Leon's summer beach vacation.

Hi. My name is Corinne, and I am new to the world of illustration. This is my first competition, so I’m very happy to participate. I would like to thank you in advance for offering me this opportunity as I feel like an amateur compared to what you are used to seeing. I only used the brushes available in Krita (did not create my own). For example, I used the water stamp to create the sea.

This is how I imagine KiKi and Leon’s vacation. I imagine them at a young age. It’s summer and they’re having fun on the beach. KiKi is painting a crab on her tablet set on a wooden easel when suddenly, her “art model” catches Leon’s tail. Leon had been bugging the crab for a while, and the patient animal waited until the last moment to grab Leon when he wasn’t looking. Leon horrified, starts running away, hoping the crab will fall, as he doesn’t want to touch it.

I tried to create a scene with depth; the chairs in the foreground defining the scale. The elements of the scene shrink as they move away from the eye. The smallest thing being the plane. I blurred it to make it a bit more dramatic. The dolphin is not blurred, as it is not too far from the protagonists.

All logos are present and hand-painted – NOT COPIED AND PASTED!!!

KiKi has Krita’s logo on her chest. Leon has his Huion crown and his scarf. The words “Huion” and “Krita” are nicely displayed on the umbrella and are barely seen on the banner that the plane pulls behind it.