Kiki in some Punk(?) clothes

Inspired by TysonTan everchanging designs.
I have much to learn about fashion design.


She looks really cool! Expressive :wink:

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Quite cool for someone without pants(yet) x’D

Full idea was that she would hold baseball bat and behind her, lying smashed PS icon with blood splatter. But that would be to agressive (and accurate, cuz I quit PS for Krita) I guess xD

Hmmm… Maybe it’s somehow fitting!
I mean, a lot of people - hobby artists and career artists - use proprietary software such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint (I admit that I sometimes use CSP aside from Krita). Maybe you could call that “the mainstream”.

But not the Krita artists, not Kiki!
Kiki is rebelling against the mainstream. She rebels for artists being free from proprietary drawing software because she, also, is free (like in “free spirit”).

At least that’s my far-fetched interpretation :sweat_smile:


Wow, is T H I C C Kiki canon now?

I’m not sure if @Zer0Frost 's artwork should be considered part of the canon :wink: But afaik, the new splash screen for Krita 4.3.0’s gonna have a new design of Kiki, more teenage ones, and she is a bit less thick but cute nonetheless :wink:

Hard to say whats cannon because her desing changes constantly.
@KIRE Kiki is porbbly as opensource as Krita so you can do wahtever you want xD

Amazing work! Love the linework and the expressive artstyle! :grin:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Sadly shoes defeated me xD

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