King's canal -trying out watercolour brushes

Hi all,
First go with the watercolour brushes and trying to paint a bit zoomed out. I think there are still too many hard lines, but any critique would be gladly received!


Nice landscape, the sky is kind of not very well painted if you go for realism in that It should probably be lighter than the water and we are looking at the sun and the suns halo is like too dark… Like compared to the light bouncing off from the horizon. The clouds look dirty unless you where meaning that they be rain clouds… in any case the bits of black in them make them look dirty like smoke or something.

The water that is nearer should probably reflect way less and thus be darker that the one that is frar away. The sun probably would shimer on the surface of the lake whith a lot of intensity.

In essence you draw a back light scene but it doesn’t look a lot like back lighting.

But other than that I like it and i like the light to dark to light to dark to light again going back and it gives it a lot of depth. That shows some knowledge, most people just go dark to light and you didn’t fell into that trap of burning your painting in the foreground.

Hi. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! The sun was a bit of an afterthought, and I agree if spoils the lighting. I think will revise and see what I can do.