Kittens galore


this looks nice, but the area around the mouth is to pink, keep sharing :wink:

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Somebody loves cats! I loved cats too until I had to care for my sick brother and his cats litter box, now I love them from afar or in pictures. Very cute.


i love cats as well, i have one named mario.

I think I saw his picture!

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you did? cool!

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Thanks for the feed back. Seems like the previous post as it looks too saturated. On my instagram and facebook site thy look fine but when uploading here they look too saturated. I’ll have to tweek the saturation before uploading to Deviantart lol.

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Yes. Its reference from Pixabay.

could you give us a link to it?

Cute kitten:) The fur is done very nicely, and it’s so much fun to do.
Keep up the good work.