Kr4, iMac, canvas display is too small

I’ve just installed Kr 4.4.8 on an iMac.

MacOS Catalina, version 10.15 7.

3.6 GHz, quad core, 8GB RAM, 21.5" screen, retina display.

Radeon Pro 555x 2 GB.

When I create a .kra file Krita displays the canvas at about 1/3 it’s actual size. Changing the resolution makes no difference to the display.

When I save the file and export a jpeg the iMac previewer displays the jpeg at the proper size.

When I take the jpeg over to my W10 machine it displays properly in Kr 4.4.8 and the windows photo viewer.


What happens if you zoom the canvas?

Hi, @hulmanen. When I zoom the canvas the size of brush strokes grows with it.

Same thing with another art app. Must be a way to adjust the machine’s screen resolution… ?

I haven’t found that yet. Just bought the machine today.

Well that’s to be expected, if you don’t change the brush size. A 100 pixel brush on a canvas zoomed to 50 % will look twice as big when you zoom in to 100%.

What is the canvas zoom set to? It sounds like the canvas is just zoomed out.

I set the zoom to 100% and the canvas displays at less than 1/2 the proper size. I adjusted the screen’s resolution and that changed the sizes of menus, icons and so on but the canvas didn’t change size at all.

OK, I’m guessing the iMac has a bigger screen resolution than you previously had, maybe it’s a 4k display versus an HD on you were working on before? If so, you’ll need to either create a larger image or zoom in. Changing the display resolution wouldn’t be ideal anyway, since the result would be fuzzy and a waste of that nice big display.

I’m guessing that the image looks good in Preview because it automatically resizes the image to fit the screen.

Yeah I think you’re right. Just looked at the box and display is 4K. Looks like I’ll have to live with it and adapt. Thanks for helping. My Windows machine is 10 years old, LOL. That’s progress, huh?

I’m thinking @hulmanen may be right…I ran into any number of issues when I purchased my current laptop with 4k display…including that many older programs such as Photoshop would not automatically rescale the toolbars and they are so tiny as to be almost unusable…

Please keep me/us posted on your progress @ArtViking ! Are you moving away from Win and to Mac?

Happy to help! It shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment to make.

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Hi @kacart , my toolbars and menus are small too. I might reduce the screen’ resolution slightly to make menus more readable and it’s obvious that I’ll be working on larger canvases from now on. Thanks for your msg. I’ll be fiddling with it later today and when I have something specific to say I’ll post it right here.

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Yes, good. It’s definitely an adjustment…but I love the higher rez screen(s).

Only way to get photoshop ‘fixed’ was to upgrade to the subscription model which I refuse to do…moving on to other image editors - gimp, paintshop pro, etc… :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

@kacart , yeah moving to a mac but I’ll keep the old PC as I have a few apps that need Windows. I expect the advent of Windows 11 will cause quite a stir in the computer world. Some W10 users will spend money on new machines. Some will go to Linux and some will go to Mac’s. I expect the demand to drive hardware prices up. Better to buy now.

The store where I bought the iMac had a long display counter of various Mac products. It was almost empty…

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Hi @kacart here’s the picture (pun intended).

I’ll leave the overall screen resolution as is because toolbars snd menus are readable.

On my old machine I worked at 72 ppi. Most of my pieces were 9 in sq or 12" x 9" because they fit the Krita workspace and all was well.

On the iMac 4K display a 9" sq canvas looks about 1/2 its real size. Soooo… I have a choice on the Mac. I can use canvases twice the size of my old work at 72 ppi OR I can use my old sizes at 150 ppi.

I prefer 72 ppi because if a nasty person were to try to print at “art” sizes and sell, the image would fall apart. That’s better than a watermark.

There it is. The situation is manageable and no I ain’t missing Windows at all.

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