Krita 4.3 - active bundle resources not showing in brush presets

Hi, I have not used krita for a while, but when I last used it I had the Deevad-duo-brush-preset bundle active and functional. Now it no longer shows in the brush resets, and another brush pack I downloaded to try did not work either. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version. Same thing. I then reinstalled 4.3. It’s not a big deal for me, as the default brushes are good enough, but it would be nice to be able to load additional brushes and bundles if I wanted to try them out.

Any thoughts?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Loading, enabling and using bundles works fine in 4.3.0 (Linux and Windows) in my experience.
Are they actually bundles, with a .bundle extension?
How are you trying to get them into krita?
Do they show and are they Active in Settings -> Manage Resources?

What is the other ‘brush pack’ that you downloaded and tried?
Note that a ‘brush pack’ is not actually a .bundle. It’s just a collection of resources in folders which may need to be unpacked and manually copied to the appropriate folders in the -/krita resources folder (or imported via the Resources Manager).

Thank you for the quick response. I confirmed they both have the .bundle extension. The other brush set is by hushcoil. It was a free download from Gumroad.

I saved the bundles to the correct folder. I have successfully loaded and activated bundles in the past. It could just be some compatibility issue with my version of Windows 10. I don’t know, but it’s truly not a big deal for me.

Thanks again for the response.

Okay, so this may have been an oversight on my part. Or my own misunderstanding. The brushes indeed loaded. I don’t think they are tagged though, so I cannot locate the brushes that easily, but they are there. Under brush presets, I recall a new category being created for the David Revoy brushes I had loaded. I can play around a little bit to see if I can figure out how to assign tags to the bundles. It definitely not loading like it did years ago. I should see categories for these new brushes, and be able to do a search for them based on their tags.