Krita 4.3, missing blend mode


Since the rework of the blend-mode in the Layer Styles window, I cannot find anymore the “Erase” blend-mode which I use very frequently to make extrusions for UI buttons.

Is it a conscious choice or a side effect or is there a way to display the missing blend modes ?

Thank you.

I thought the Blending Options in layer styles hadn’t been implemented yet.

The ‘Erase’ layer blending mode is in the drop down list at the top of the layers docker. The layer blending mode is usually '‘Normal’ but can be changed that way.

I mean the “Blend Mode” of a single filter (ie. “Color Overlay”). Sorry if that was not clear.

Using a separate layer with the blending mode “erase” works but I prefer to use the blend Mode “erase” on “Color Overlay” to erase the brush stroke with another FX “Stroke” so I have a nice stroke contour erasing layers below.

Both ways works, the former saved me one layer but I can live without it. I just wonder why this blend mode disappeared with the update. It doesn’t seem to be documented in the patch note.

I see what you mean. There’s now a limited subset of the modes that are availalable for layer blending modes. It’s not just Erase that’s missing.
You could put a formal bug report in: because it’s a shortfall in functionality. The people who reworked it may disagree for whatever reason.

If you do, please post a link to the bug report here.

Thank you!
That’s what I suspected.

I reported the bug :