KRITA 4.4.2 MESH MODE (in-depth 2021 tutorial inside the transform tool)

Hello everyone. WE MADE IT!!! The mesh is the last mode of the transform tool.

Today, as usual, I am going to go through all the functionalities and answer questions that have been asked on google and on Krita’s forum, Quora and reddit. I have made this tutorial as easy and simple as possible to not overwhelm you with technicalities.

Skip the parts that you do not need. Below, are the timestamps to help you do that.

Thank you for watching guys, and please let me know if I forgot anything. I know my music is too loud. I’m learning how to improve my video editing poor skills … thank you for your patience!


00:00 Intro

00:32 Important announcement regarding the new Krita 4.4.3 (will this impact what you learned?)

01:58 Getting started

02:51 What is a patch?

03:24 How to transform a patch?

03:39 How to manipulate the handles?

04:32 Can I hide the handles?

04:56 Border nodes vs Mesh nodes

05:13 Can I move nodes?

05:32 Is there a faster way to create new border and mesh nodes?

06:11 How do I remove nodes?

06:26 How do I slide my splits?

06:42 How do I move my splits?

07:03 Three Basic Manipulations: #1 Rotating

07:55 Three Basic Manipulations: # 2 Scaling

08:57 Three Basic Manipulations: # 2 EXTRA TIP (Scaling a portion only)

09:20 Three Basic Manipulations: # 3 Moving

09:49 Something to keep in mind…


10:22 Wrapping simple shapes

11:20 Wrapping less simple shapes

12:24 I forgot…one more thing about the patches!

13:30 How to create a fun wave effect

14:15 Conclusion

Learn how to use the Mesh Mode of the Transform Tool in Krita


Another excellent video. Thank you :slight_smile:

At 8:57, you stress the importance of having ‘Scale handles proportionally’ enabled for the operation you show.
I’ve tried this with it enabled and disabled and I can see no difference in the result.

With ‘Show handles’ enabled, I’ve tried a wide variety of operations and manipulations and I can’t find a situatuion in which ‘Scale handles proportionally’ makes a difference to the result or the behaviour of the handles.

Hello my friend. In the tool options docker, make sure to check the “LOCK HANDLES SYMMETRICALLY” box as shown on the picture I added to this reply. Also, did you try the shortcut method by holding the shift key to unlock the handle?

One more thing. The handles have limited flexibility. So, I don’t really know what you were expecting them to do apart from moving up or down or side to side.

In your video, you don’t have ‘Lock handles symmetrically’ checked so I’m not sure how that is related.
However, I tried that and there is still no difference in behaviour and final result whether I have ‘Scale handles proprtionally’ checked or not.

It’s not a question of what I expect the handles to do. It’s a question of what they actually do with ‘Scale handles proportionally’ checked or not-checked. I can’t see any difference in a variety of situations with this and with ‘Lock handles symetrically’ checked or not-checked.

Sorry for the late reply. I was out running errands. I used the handles at minute 13:30 How to create a fun wave effect. have you tried that?

There are no schedules so no problem :slight_smile:
The behaviour at 13:30 shows no difference for ‘Scale handles proportinally’ enabled or disabled.

I’ll ping @dkazakov about this. Dmitry wrote the Mesh Transform tool.

Hi Dmitry,
For the Mesh Transform tool, there is an option called ‘Scale handles proportionally’ in the Tool Options docker.

I can’t figure out what effect this has and it’s not noted in the Manual:
Transform Tool — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Could you give a brief explanation of what it does?

Hi, @AhabGreybeard and @CelticCoco!

‘Scale handles proportionally’ is used to avoid “collisions” between the handles, when then are moved too close to each other. Here is an example:

  1. We have two handles and move the leftmost handle to the right:

  2. With ‘Scale handles proportionally’ OFF. See the bent in the curve connecting the nodes:

  3. Same with ‘Scale handles proportionally’ ON. See that there is no bent.

Hi @dkazakov

Thank you for the explanation and illustration images.

That was introduced in 4.4.3 and I’ve tried it in the 4.4.3 appimage and in the latest nightly builds but I just don’t see it happening.
The bend is not affected and the control handles do not change length if I try the things you show in the images, with ‘Scale handles proportionally’ set to ON (checked).

I can confirm that it doesn’t work in krita/4.3 branch… :frowning:

Thank you Dmitry for the explanations. The pictures were really appreciated. I feel bad now that I didn’t explain this enough and correctly in my tutorial. I hope the information I gave to my viewers was enough… Thanks again. And thank you monsieur Greybeard… As always, you are on top of things. you keep me on track. :blush:

The bend is not affected and the control handles do not change length if I try the things you show in the images, with ‘Scale handles proportionally’ set to ON (checked).

It looks like a part of the change that introduces this feature was forgotten, so the checkbox was not connected to anything. I have cherry-picked the necessary commit, so the functionality should appear in tomorrow’s nightlies:

Amazing. Thank you!!! Merci…

Hi @dkazakov

The 5.0.0-prealpha (git 595a36b) appimage now has a working ‘Scale Handles proportionally’ option.
Thank you :slight_smile:


You should feel good that you made an excellent tutorial that only had one tiny discrepancy.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of your tutorial videos :slight_smile: