Have you ever wondered how to use Krita’s assistant tools? In today’s tutorial, I will cover the first three ones (Ellipse, Concentric Ellipse, and the Fish Eye Point). I will show you why we use assistants, how to set them up, how to edit, move, remove, save and load them. How to trace on them, etc… see Timestamps for all the material covered.

At the end of the tutorial, I will show you how to create this one-point perspective room (Bird’s Eye View), using the Fish eye point assistant.


00:42 A Quick Overview
01:04 Quick Overview: The Tool Options Docker
01:35 Quick Overview: Opacity
01:58 Quick Overview: Color
02:50 Quick Overview: Customizing Colors for each assistant
02:31 Quick Overview: Load, Save, Erase
03:52 Why use an assistant?
04:05 How to Add assistants on the canvas
04:51 How to use several assistants within the same canvas
05:22 How to trace on the assistant
06:12 How to Edit, Move and Erase assistants
07:00 How to get rid of irritating “unwanted” assistants
07:13 How to Save and Load assistants
07:51 How to set up the Ellipse assistant
08:25 How to create a perfect circle
08:36 A quick observation regarding the Ellipse assistant
08:48 How to use the Concentric assistant
09:49 Demonstration: Concentric assistant
11:43 How to set up the Fish Eye Point assistant
14:06 Demonstration: Fish Eye Point Assistant: Drawing a one-point perspective room (Bird’s Eye View)
16:18 End.

Next week, the rest of the assistants will be covered in the next videos.
Have a great week and please let me know, as usual, if I forgot anything. Thank you.



Hello @CelticCoco, Another very well produced tutorial video, as usual :slight_smile:

You seem to have malformed the second link in your original topic post,

I’d like to make some points about the video:

You didn’t say that the View menu items ‘Show Painting Assistants’ and ‘Show Assistant Previews’ must be enabled to see the assistants and the preview lines when drawing.
These are enabled by default for a new installation but people may have been ‘experimenting’ with View settings and turned them off without knowing the consequences.

At 11:45 you say, “The fish eye works in sets of three”.
You then proceed to use two fish eye assistants and one vanishing point assistant.
That is a particular combination/arrangement for a particular application that you demonstrate later, to good effect.
A single fish eye assistant can be used on its own if you really want to (but I can’t think why you woud).

At 12:34, you say to change the colour of the first fish eye assistant to purple but you change the global colour to purple.
For the second fish eye assistant, you do give it a custom colour.
At 13:32 you say to change the vanishing point assistant to black but you then change the global colour which results in the first fish eye assistant and the vanishing point assistant both being black.

As usual, I’m merciless but that’s how I am and I hope my observations are of use to you.

Note: I didn’t know that you could force an ellipse or concentric ellipse to be a circle by using the Shift key so I’m glad that I watched your video :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. There is so much to show, that I get to forget things. That’s why I asked if I forgot anything… I will make sure to mention in Part II what I missed today. I took it for granted that assistants were previewed as default. So thanks for catching that.

Regarding the set of three for the fish eye point. I should have phrased that better. You are right here again. We don’t have to use the set of three… It’s a preference. I love the fact that you catch that, because, as I need to get better at explaining or phrasing things in English. I am a work in process. My goal is to get 1% better after each video. your critics are extremely helpful and constructive. So thank you.

Finally, when I watched the video this morning, I noticed the same thing at minute 12:34.
Don’ you hate when you do that? You have a plan in your head, but when you film the video, you do something stupid. Arghhhhh… I hope the viewers will forgive me there.

Making tutorials, organizing them and filming them are harder than people may think. It’s a lot of work.

Have a great day and talk to you later. Cheers.