KRITA 4.4.3 INTRO TO BRUSHES - Organizing brushes and tags

Editing the brush preset/Creating, renaming, and removing a tag/Assigning brushes to tags, etc…

Hello everyone. This week, as scheduled, I am going to show you how you can organize your brushes and help you navigate the brush preset window with more ease. This will have to be revisited in the future when Krita 5 is out. But until then, this little tutorial should suffice.

Please don’t forget to pause the video to be able to read the instructions or added notes.


00:00 Introduction
00:30 Editing the Brush Preset Display
01:20 Searching a specific set of brushes
02:00 Creating a tag
02:33 Let’s find our newly created tag
02:40 We are going to assign pencils to our newly created tag
03:43 Removing a brush from a tag
04:02 Renaming a tag
04:35 Important information regarding the delete option (deleting a brush)
05:50 You can assign one brush to several tags.
06:46 Deleting a tag
07:04 Bonus tip: how to use the Brush Preset History docker to your advantage.
09:24 Conclusion with what to expect next week.

Next week, we will talk about the brush stabilizer! Bye.

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