KRITA 4.4.3 INTRO TO BRUSHES - Stabilizer (Distance, Delay, Finish Line, and Stabilize Sensors)

Hello everyone.

In this short tutorial, I will show you and try to explain (to the best of my knowledge) how the stabilizer can help you. I’ll talk about what smoothing is first, and then I’ll go through all of the buttons (Distance, Delay, Finish Line, and Stabilize Sensors).

Someone asked me about my stabilizer settings. Most of the time as they change with projects, I use the following: Distance 50 and Delay 10. I have pushed the distance all the way up to 100 in some of my detailed projects because high distance values helped me draw some of my sharp angles better.


00:00 Introduction
00:25 Stabilizer: Smoothing (Talking a little about smoothing)
01:32 Stabilizer: Cursor
02:16 Stabilizer: Distance
03:45 Stabilizer: My Distance Settings
04:11 Stabilizer: Delay
06:03 Stabilizer: Finish line
06:40 Stabilizer: Stabilize sensors
07:14 Drawing a panda using the stabilizer (Also, a final tip if I may…)
08:20 Conclusion: Introducing next week’s tutorial

Have a great week and see you next Monday.