Hello everyone Today we take a look at the last assistant tools: rulers and the spline.

Going back and forth between the assistant tool and the brush tool icons can be overwhelming. So, today I am showing you how to create a shortcut for the assistant tool.

Finally, be sure to watch the two short demos and see how the tools can be used on your projects.

00:00 Intro
00:44 Creating a keyboard shortcut
02:10 Ruler Assistant
03:33 Infinite Ruler Assistant
04:15 Parallel Ruler Assistant
05:48 Draw a simple castle using the Parallel Ruler Assistant
07:02 Spline Assistant
07:28 Demonstrating how to use the spline: tracing on the robot that you see on the thumbnail.
08:28 Done.


Hi @CelticCoco and thank you for another excellent tutorial video :slight_smile:

The use of the Shift key as a modifier works on all the assistants and can also be used to force the ellipse assistants and fish eye assistant to make a circle instead of a variable ellipse.

For the rulers, it would be nice if it locked them to 15 degree increments, as it does with the Line tool, but it doesn’t.

I agree. We cannot have everything we want… LOL. But, you have to admit, what we have is pretty awesome. I cannot wait to see what they are going to come up with in the new version.