Krita 5.0 beta 1 : Multibrush - Symmetry painting review

The symmetry painting tool is great, but slow performance wise.
I believe it can be optimized a lot.
Currently, every stroke can take up to 10 seconds+ to be rendered.

Multibrush works by actually drawing each stroke separately, unlike the mirror view, which duplicates the work done on one side. Therefore, the Multibrush will always be as many times slower than the freehand brush as the amount of extra brush-tips you chose.

Perceiving slowness does not mean it actually can be optimized. Sometimes it is just that complex a task.


I agree but the slowness is too much in this very case. It’s like the liquify tool. In facts, many parts of Krita can be enhanced to improve speed and performance, while using the least possible resources.

I’ve just tried the Multibrush tool with Symmetry and 20 brushes. The only time I get noticeable lag is if i do quick strokes on an A3 600 ppi image.
That’s with Instant Preview turned off and a simple brush.
Ok … If I use a more complex masked brush, it is slow.
What brush were you using?
I have an old computer and a cheap graphics card.

This really explain why brushes with textures are so much more ‘laggy’.
By what you said is fair to conclude that with the mirror tool, Krita apply the settings to the brush, but “clone” the final dab on the other side? While with the multibrush Krita has to calculate the brush settings for each extra brush-tip?

If my understanding of how it works is correct, it is possible to make the multibrush has this behavior of cloning only the final dab? Making Krita only calculate the Brush dab once. At least as an mode in the Tool Options. Or is this essentially impossible in this case?

Cheers and thanks.

That’s what the mirror tools do.

That’s why there’s still room for optimizations with the Multi brush.
Instead of 6 brushes, it should be 6 axes. Rendering the brushes 6 times in the sense that the whole rendering process is computed 6 times would therefore be bad performance wise.
Please think about it.