Krita 5.0 - Local Selection command missing?

In the help documentation for Krita 5.0.0 it says:

Selection Masks — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation

I’m trying to follow this but I can’t find the “Local Selection” command – I’ve looked both by right clicking on the layer that I want to add a Local selection to, as well as seeing if it was moved to right clicking on the actual selection (e.g. square selection) I just made.

Is there something missing in the instructions or can anyone else provide details? I’m looking for this approach vs. using alpha mask since my pencil sketch doesn’t have a fill to it yet, so I wanted to create a local selection around the pencil sketch.


I don’t have Krita open at the moment, but I believe you make the selection, right click on the layer, choose ADD, then local selection.

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Oh I see - it’s under the Add command. Doh! I never even thought to look under the Add command. Anyone knows how to file documentation bug? That clarification might help others who are wondering about this.

Thanks a bunch Sooz!

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If you consider the number of items under ‘Add’ (and Select, Group, Toggle …, Convert, Split Alpha) then there may be other similar little bugs.

The formal bug reporting system is here:
Sign up and sign in are needed and it’s a fun experience.
I suggest that you read a few existing bug reports first to get an idea of the ‘feel and flavour’ of them.

If you create a bug report, please post a link to it here.

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