Krita 5.0 released!

Yes, we focused this release on getting tagging bugs fixed. That took 3 years because it required a rewrite.

Woo-Hoo! Excellent! Thank You and All the Developers!!!
Will make a new donation shortly! :slight_smile:


got it, that’s great. is it safe to assume that future releases will deal with bugs like this?

So…I have to re-tag and recreate all my ‘favorites?’

As long as we can reproduce bugs, we intend to fix them yes. We close them if we do not intend to fix them (with an explaination of why). But sometimes we need to prioritize bugs, and the tagging bugs in question were already 5+ years old, so we’re super happy we’ve had time to do this refactor and it’s now out in the wild :slight_smile:

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Yes, you

Sorry, but yes. The old tag file format was so utterly broken that I didn’t write a converter for it. I do feel bad about that, but not bad enough to do it. So, sorry…


Thanks for the quick response, and thank you for all your work! I will gird my loins and carry on. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using it since it appeared on Jenkins on Monday, and what can I say?


The inconveniences and bugs that bothered me personally have been fixed, and you have lent a hand in so many other things that you deserve huge praise, only I’m bad at formulating such things, so I’ll just say to everyone who has part in this,

“Thank you so much for making this possible, you are great!”



Downloaded and started trying it out…
The new " drag colour to layer or canvas" option is simply terrific !!
Kudos to Krita team for developing such an important feature :slight_smile: !
Will keep checking K5 for other new features !

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The new features look brilliant! I will probably die of curiosity as i’m at my parents house and can’t try it out over the christmas days hahaha.

When I had this bug yesterday(krita beta 5), I could get rid of it by just alt-tabbing directly back to krita from another application.

Excited about this new release too!!

Feels great to have some code I made appear on the trailer, that’s a new one for me! Thanks for that, and I hope to continue to work with you! :smiley:


Will the digital atelier bundle work with K5.0? Does it need an update or will it get one?

Thank you very much.

Yoooooo let’s goooo!

…and I was here for all of it :relaxed:

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If you allow a guess, I believe it will work.
I believe it because even @fizzyflower’s essential brush-pack and also the bundles and preset-packs from @IForce73 are working “out of the box” now (again!), with their folders and everything! I have not tested all my bundles and preset-collections, I have not got that far yet, but what I could test since Monday was fully functional.



Congratulations on doing such a fine job. I know this was a tremendous project. Woo hoo!


Congrats to all who was part of the project and releases so far. Great job> Thank you for the hard work, and Kirta and linux will keep to be my number one software as since 2015. :smiley:


Congratz! Finally. : D

Many congratulations and many thanks to all the many people who worked to make 5.0 possible, especially the core development team.

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