Krita 5.0 released!

Will the digital atelier bundle work with K5.0? Does it need an update or will it get one?

Thank you very much.

Yoooooo let’s goooo!

…and I was here for all of it :relaxed:

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If you allow a guess, I believe it will work.
I believe it because even @fizzyflower’s essential brush-pack and also the bundles and preset-packs from @IForce73 are working “out of the box” now (again!), with their folders and everything! I have not tested all my bundles and preset-collections, I have not got that far yet, but what I could test since Monday was fully functional.



Congratulations on doing such a fine job. I know this was a tremendous project. Woo hoo!


Congrats to all who was part of the project and releases so far. Great job> Thank you for the hard work, and Kirta and linux will keep to be my number one software as since 2015. :smiley:


Congratz! Finally. : D

Many congratulations and many thanks to all the many people who worked to make 5.0 possible, especially the core development team.

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congratulations to the team, it was hard work and the result is there and nice to play with :wink:

Great news! Thanks a lot for your hard work!

Brilliant, thank you to everyone who worked on this release!

Yay! :partying_face: :fireworks:

Well done on reaching the finish line and many thanks for all your hard work - That was quite a stretch!

And just in time for Christmas! Cheers! :grin::beers:


this is my Christmas present :smiley: thanks


I would like to thank all the beta testers too. Thanks you all gor testing and finding the bugs.

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Tested it a bit, and it seems to be a better experience all up, I’ve been waiting for this official release to happen so thanks for the Christmas gift.

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wooo hooo!!! Congratulations :smiley:

Congratulations to the team for this big release! Thanks to all for their hard work and enjoy the holidays! :clinking_glasses:

E: What percentage of the windows store retail price will go towards Krita?

Krita 5 on google play is not release yet?

@raghukamath I believe there’s an error in the showcase videot 0:44. ‘Rothoscopy’ should be spelled as ‘Rotoscopy’.

Congrats on new release! Looking forward to downloading 5.0.

After experimenting on my backup machine a bit and backing everything up including installers, configurations etc… I just updated my main machine to 5.0…Looking good so far!

Thanks Everyone!