krita 5.0 resources sub-folder

Hello, i think i’ve seen it in another post but can’t find it.
I’ve brushtip in subfolders in the krita resources folder but in krita 5.0, they are not listed in the brush editor half the time. i launch krita : they appears, i close and start krita again : they are not listed. I close and start again and they appears…

Krita 4.4.3

Krita 5.0

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Not only that. In addition, it happens also with the brushes on my side.

Krita build from today on Windows 10


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Have you reported that issue? i taked with @tiar about it. Subfolders are important to organize the brushtips, patterns, and brush presets in 4.4.3 but the idea for 5.0 is that we don’t use folders but resources management. hmm maybe time for analize that?

no i haven’t report it as it’s in alpha for the moment… i think it’s important for the upgrade from previous version.

This is something that is kind of on our issues list already.
Btw for any other issues, please either tag me or maybe add it to Resource bugs in Krita 5 so I am notified about it :slight_smile:

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