Krita 5.1.0 pre alpha : Ten brushes or brush history issue

For some reason, using Krita 5.1.0 pre alpha, the ten brush scripts works except that brush history is disabled, resulting in it not behaving like expected. There’s no previously selected brush anymore and this is on Windows 10 1909. I report from me.
I filed a bug but it couldn’t be reproduced. So I’m just there, wondering what the heck is going on.
When I use the beta 1 of Krita 5.0, or any earlier version, this problem doesn’t occur. Has anybody else encountered this problem ?

I haven’t had this exact problem, but I had a different problem recently (also 5.1.0 pre-alpha) where Ten Brushes couldn’t use any of the default brushes. It would set them, but when I tried to use them, or re-opened the Ten Brushes window, they wouldn’t be there anymore, like they were never set. I tried it on another computer (with the same, latest nightly version), and that didn’t have the problem. Eventually, I renamed the resourcecache.sqlite file, and then it worked like it was supposed to. Something worth trying, anyway!

The resourcecache.sqlite file was the culprit.
It can mess the settings, make the brush texture blend modes stop working and cause malfunction with the Ten brushes script.