Krita 5 and Environments 2.0 brushes from iForce73

Has anyone been able to successfully get these loaded into K5?

All the brushes and brushtips come in fine but aren’t related to each other. Every brush is just set to Auto. I’ve installed and reinstalled but it’s always the same. The nuclear option would be to load up 4.4.7 and go through one by one and assign them, but I thought I’d check with you all before going through that pain.

Thanks for any help



I have iForce73 loaded on my Krita 5 since the first beta, and for me they always worked. So I’m unsure of what could have happened to your installation.

It don’t hurt to ask: Did you properly installed the iForce73 bundle? As in:
Going to SettingsManage ResourcesOpen Resource Folder
Coping the .png and .gbr from inside both iForce’s folders Enviroment Brushtips into Krita’s brushes folder?

If you did this then maybe resetting Krita resource cache may help (?). To do this in the Resource Folder copy the file named resourcecache.sqlite to another folder as a backup. After this you can rename or delete the .sqlite file inside Krita’s folder.

Those particular resources have a sort of ‘spread out’ packaging, as you know.

If you use Settings → Manage Resources Libraries to Import the .bundles and then use Settings → Manage Resources then use the Import Resources button to import the brush tips, that seems to work.
I may have been lucky there so please try that and let us know what happens.


@AhabGreybeard : So happy you posted that reply, I’ve been wondering how it could be done in the Android version. That sounded about right!

@CrazyCatBird The proof will be in the trying it so please do that and reply about how it went.
It worked for me but I didn’t use a totally fresh installation so there may have been ‘contamination’ from all sorts of earlier activities because I do mess around a lot.


We have a winner! I just tried @AhabGreybeard’s solution and it worked perfectly. I think @Daishishi had the right idea as well. My mistake was apparently taking the “how to install” too literally where it says “copy/paste the “Environments 2.0 Brushtips” and the “Environment Classic Brushtips” folder from the pack into it.”. I copied and pasted the two folders (with the contents) but not the contents directly. Anyhoo…thanks for the fast and accurate help. I was starting to think I might have to use both versions for different project requirements


Hey @AhabGreybeard Your advice worked nicely! I now have those brushes installed on my Android tablet. I’m so happy and thankful to the devs for making it possible. :grin::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a wonderful information, cause i delete krita 5 and back to krita 4 because these brushes did not work for me in krita 5.
Now i will give it a try and hope it will work.

Edit: Yessss, it works really good. I must import the brush tips again and now they work properly, this is sooo great :sun_with_face:


Sadly this doesn’t work for me on Krita 5.0.0, 5.0.2 or Krita 5.0.6

Settings → Manage Resources Libraries shows me the bundles are there but clicking on them does nothing reimporting them gives me a second copy of the bundle but no able to select any thing and of course Krita complains about no brush presets.

Settings → Manage Resources then use the Import Resources button to import the brush tips, Just reimports brush tips that are already there.

It all works just fine in Krita 4.4 which is what I am using. Any ideas what is wrong?

@Taz The situation with this ‘collection’ of resources has been causing confusion for years. The original instructions were correct regarding the brushtips (even though people were confused and made mistakes) but those instructions are now invalid because of the way that 5.x monitors resources.

In your situation, I can think of two approaches:

A:- Nuke the resources folder and rebuild it with 5.0.6.
This would be inconvenient if you have many personal resources that you’ve made yourself.
It could be dealt with by first ‘evacuating’ your personal resources to a ‘shelter folder’ and reimporting them later.
I assume you have copies of any 3rd party bundles and other resources you’ve previously downloaded so they can be brought back in as well; otherwise you’d have to evacuate them to the shelter folder first.

B:- Selective strip-down and rebuild of the resources folder.
You’d do that by deleting the IForce bundles and brush tips and the sqlite database and its backups, then running 5.0.6 to rebuild the database and then trying to bring IForce bundles and brushtips back in via Resources importing.

Either way, it would be a good idea to make a backup copy of the resources folder and the kritarc config file before doing anything, for later restoration in case of disaster or getting fed up with the process.

Also, it would be a good idea to do it with the portable .zip package of 5.0.6 so that your existing 4.x installation is not affected. Then you could go back to it if you want to.
If all goes well, you could then install 5.0.6 and carry on with it.


Thank you for the very detailed instructions. I am using the Linux appimage version and will have a careful read though you instructions and as you say back up things before changing anything.

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Good luck and please let us know what happens :slight_smile:

I downloaded all of Iforces brushes from the link that Michelist sent.
I renamed the folder under my home directory .local/share/krita to .local/share/krita-old.
I started the krita 5.0.6 appimage. It started, recreated the krita folder.
It complained about having no brush presets and to activate some.
I imported all of the bundles that seemed to go fine but Krita still complained about no brush presets.
I closed that dialog box and started a new picture the brushes where there.
Krita crashed (probably low disk space not Krita problem)
Restarted complained about no presets but again the brushes where there. Crashed again.
Rebooted the box starts and doesn’t complain about presets anymore but I have to replace the harddisk in this to get a bit more space and see if it runs properly then.
I’ll let you know if the computer upgrade fixes the problem.


There is something wrong there.
If I rename .local/share/krita and then run the 5.0.6 appimage, it spends some time recreating the folder and the database and then runs normally with all default resources available.
That has to be sorted out first.

You could try renaming .config/kritarc to .config/kritarc-old to see if a newly created main config file helps.

You could delete (or offload to external storage) some unwanted files to get more disk space.
How much RAM do you have?

Maybe someone needs to make a proper bundle for this and then share it here to sort the installation problems for good :roll_eyes:

The last time I looked at their Deviantart account, iForce73 was saying that they were going to repackage the ‘collection’ into a better bundle form but it hasn’t happened yet.

There is an account on this forum named iForce73 and I have pinged them before but they’ve never made a topic or a reply to any topic so I’ve no idea what’s happening there.

There would be a large organisational problem because some brushtips are used in more than one of the collections of brush presets that are properly packaged into bundle files.
Also, there is more than one major named ‘collection’.

I did think about doing some repackaging as you described but when I looked inside them I realised it would be a nightmare job so I ran away.


I fought the nightmare, so now everything from IForce73 is bundled in Krita 5-format, but without permission to share them open via a website, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so.



Well done @Michelist and I can understand your hesitation about open sharing.
Do you have a Deviantart account so that you can ask iForce73 about this?
If not, I’d be happy to send them a message via Deviantart.

Edit:Add Here is an extract from the latest reply from IForce73 to a user on Deviantart, dated Dec 20 2021:

… Soon i will release an updated version of “Environments” where only the Bundle files have to be installed (without any additional Brushtip adding). I will try to finish it asap.
best regards and happy painting.

I have an account there, but since I am very bad at making such requests it would be kind of you to ask IForce73 for permission. I have a talent for being misunderstood, as you can read in various places in the forum. Just yesterday I stepped on someone’s toes again. And with something that is not unusual to say in my home country.


I forgot that I sent Iforce73 a message in January of this year:

Jan 12 2022:
Hello IForce73, I’m wondering how your rebundling effort of the Environments 2.0 is getting along. I’ve rebundled your previous collection (as practice) which only has 98 brush presets. Will you be only rebundling the existing work or have you developed new brush presets for it?

There’s been no reply so far.
I’ve now sent another message as follows:

May18 2022:
Hello IForce73, It’s Ahab again :slight_smile:
A user called ‘Michelist’ on the krita-artists forum has repackaged your Environment Brushes (Bundle Edition) to make it suitable for direct bundle import into krita with no need for separate brushtip importing.
This would help to avoid the confusion and misunderstandings that many new users have.
Would you be willing and happy for this repackaged work to be made available on that forum, (with full credit to you of course)?
Wishing you well, with whatever you’re doing.

It may be that IForce73 is very busy with other things, so we’ll have to wait.