Krita 5 and Environments 2.0 brushes from iForce73

Has anyone been able to successfully get these loaded into K5?

All the brushes and brushtips come in fine but aren’t related to each other. Every brush is just set to Auto. I’ve installed and reinstalled but it’s always the same. The nuclear option would be to load up 4.4.7 and go through one by one and assign them, but I thought I’d check with you all before going through that pain.

Thanks for any help

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I have iForce73 loaded on my Krita 5 since the first beta, and for me they always worked. So I’m unsure of what could have happened to your installation.

It don’t hurt to ask: Did you properly installed the iForce73 bundle? As in:
Going to SettingsManage ResourcesOpen Resource Folder
Coping the .png and .gbr from inside both iForce’s folders Enviroment Brushtips into Krita’s brushes folder?

If you did this then maybe resetting Krita resource cache may help (?). To do this in the Resource Folder copy the file named resourcecache.sqlite to another folder as a backup. After this you can rename or delete the .sqlite file inside Krita’s folder.

Those particular resources have a sort of ‘spread out’ packaging, as you know.

If you use Settings → Manage Resources Libraries to Import the .bundles and then use Settings → Manage Resources then use the Import Resources button to import the brush tips, that seems to work.
I may have been lucky there so please try that and let us know what happens.


@AhabGreybeard : So happy you posted that reply, I’ve been wondering how it could be done in the Android version. That sounded about right!

@CrazyCatBird The proof will be in the trying it so please do that and reply about how it went.
It worked for me but I didn’t use a totally fresh installation so there may have been ‘contamination’ from all sorts of earlier activities because I do mess around a lot.


We have a winner! I just tried @AhabGreybeard’s solution and it worked perfectly. I think @Daishishi had the right idea as well. My mistake was apparently taking the “how to install” too literally where it says “copy/paste the “Environments 2.0 Brushtips” and the “Environment Classic Brushtips” folder from the pack into it.”. I copied and pasted the two folders (with the contents) but not the contents directly. Anyhoo…thanks for the fast and accurate help. I was starting to think I might have to use both versions for different project requirements


Hey @AhabGreybeard Your advice worked nicely! I now have those brushes installed on my Android tablet. I’m so happy and thankful to the devs for making it possible. :grin::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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