Krita 5 - quick video summary of new features

To turn up the hype a little bit more, I made a short video about new features that will be added in krita 5. If you weren’t that attentive here on a forum, or just want to refresh all those decisions and posts from the past months, here’s a quick summary, so you can want all those things even more :slight_smile:



Some really nice features in there. I’m looking forward to use the new perspective assistants.

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Excellent Overview! Thanks!

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Yes, this release will be awesome.
I never used perspective tools that much (just making perspective up :wink: ), but this new assistant and restricting it to area looks very cool. I also heard there are some long-term plans on rewriting them thoroughly and creating assistant layer, so that you can cover them with some paint layers and switch visibility of assistant groups. Cool things :slight_smile:

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah we discussed perspective assistant a lot on this site, there were several really throughout proposals on how to improve them and a lot of heated discussion too x3.

And every time when I see your works I think I need to try your brush pack but I never get to it, it’s still on my todo list.

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Oh, I’m really proud of how this brush pack ended up looking and working. It already did change a bit on my side (ale those presets live, evolve - those new pattern features changed them a lot), but I don’t think I’ll update the whole pack anytime soon, so you have plenty of time to try it out before v7.0.

But you’re very welcome to try them out before I do so :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

The explanation on the new pattern modes is very helpful - I’ve been trying to use them without reading up on them! :upside_down_face:

Even though I red this whole article by deif_lou, and understand the math behind (I’m a programmer myself) it was still mainly trial and error for me :wink: But on some point maybe I should really get deep in this math, and maybe make more precise video about it, as I feel like I’m missing some knowledge here still.

I’m glad you found this video helpful!

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