Krita 5 recorder

I’ve installed Krita 5.0 appimage in Manjaro. I was excited to try it only to find out it’s an automatic exporter. I love it as it will make my job easier than manually exporting all my progress, but i was a bit disappointed that the recorder is not for recording video. Is there a way to record video?
Thank you for all the effort you put on this amazing software for free!

Hi @remiah - The recorder docker exports the timelapse file as an mp4 (video) via FFMPEG. If you’re looking for a tool to record your strokes and tool selections, I understand a lot of people use OBS.

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The recorder docker exports images of your canvas periodically and then at the end converts it to video. If you need to record the interface too then try simplescreenrecorder. It is there in the repository

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Thank u for the reply. Yes i once used obs on krita, unfortunately my pc can’t run it without performance suffering. Plus obs can’t record the canvas the way krita recorder do.

Thank u. I’ll try some workaround for this problem.

But what is the problem? Recorder docker will make you a video, you just need to tell it to make the video after you finish making the illustration. There is some button called “Export” (in the docker) or something like that.


I was totaling having the same issues with the recorder.

But obs does not drop as much performance for me though. What annoyed me the most was the save interval fixed to above 1 second and over it the bug that ffmpeg did does not work with me. The saving over activity was also nice but sadly I have no access to that despite my requests ( no visible interest in the idea). So I am stuck with the image sequence that needs an unreasonable amount of disk space unlike video. I did the math and making a video with it is very expensive in disk space at the moment.

I made a recorder window on the tela plugin to try and use obs better but you can use another recorder too. If you happen to try tell me about it as I am still tweaking it.

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Here is an exemple of testing the plug-in in the beta-1, if this is what you want? you just have to export and generate the video from the recorder plugin. If you want to capture the whole interface, you have to deal with obs i think…

@EyeOdin beside your ffmpeg problem, what are the issues exactly?
note that you can choose interval above 1 sec, the default is 3sec. and only record when there is activity on the canvas, what was your request?
i work on 3000x3000px and set to record in 1500x1500px, i record this during 2.5 hour, the image sequence is just 168Mo (not big deal) and the exported video in webm format is 1.20Mo. you can also delete the image sequence after exporting.

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Whoah that’s really cool! I haven’t fully tested it. Thank you! Will give a try on my next work.

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You have just one minute of footage with webm with no audio of course it is small. But that does not prove anything though.

You mean didn’t work in the past or doesn’t work now on the latest nightly? If it doesn’t work on latest nightly, please file a bug.

I just tested the Nightly build and it detects the ffmpeg now. weird… Strange to see things fixed when i speak about them …

As for reporting the bugs I have gave up on it yesterday actually! I hate being treated constantly like a crazy person every god damn time there when I bring evidence that it EXISTS! I am not high nor providing adulterated evidence. if no one believes me and the evidence I don’t care either sorry to say. Others with more cred on the street should do it.

Regardless concerning the recorder I will probably not use it as it seems problematic just the same.

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It’s not that you are being treated like a crazy person when reporting a bug, it is just that it is vital to confirm all the obvious stuff out of the way and get all the details before a developer can spend time on fixing it. Cause there are a lot of things that need fixing and a lot of features need adding. So first it needs to be sure it isn’t a user error, and 2nd it needs to be replicatable.

If a developer can’t replicate the bug, trying to fix it is like finding a needle it a haystack. Cause even if you see all the evidence, you can only guess if that is the issue or not.

In the case of the finding the FFMpeg bug for the recorder, the issue didn’t show up on stable builds of FFMpeg but only on the snapshot builds. And not for everyone. After looking into it, the problem seemed to be Windows Defender locking up the process and it timed out. Once the issue was isolated and replicated, it was a simple fix.

It is simply a matter of working with the developers to insure your bug can be replicated. Do remember that right now prior to the 5.0 release, the devs are under a lot of stress trying to fill in all the holes everywhere right before a major release. So a bit of patience and understanding goes a long way.


I know all that. I only report stuff that is replicable 100% why would I report if it wasn’t even. Either way I have no time to lose on that.