Krita 5 still needs a solution to save settings from previous versions

Given that the resource scheme changes too much, like for almost any changing number in any new Krita build version, I think it is necessary to have a solution allowing us to keep our resources and settings the same from older to newer version at least. This means that, coming from Krita 4.x and going to Krita 5.x , it should be perfectly possible to still keep one’s tags and shortcuts and whatnot among a few settings, but in a seamless way, as it’s the software that will handle those.
It is still not possible although Krita 5 has been released. And in my opinion, this isn’t good.
So I hope you take this into account. Just saying.
Apparently, the work with the resource rewrite isn’t done yet.

You could already in Krita 4 save the “shortcutsrc” from your local user path and take it with you and in Krita 5 you can now also save the assigned tags in the “tag” files, but you have to let them be created in the resource manager, and if you are so intelligent to save these files, then you can also restore them. Sorry, I can’t answer your “whatnot”, that’s too precisely defined, please excuse that. :wink:


IMO the request is resonable for people use painting software “just work” and don’t know about Krita development process and how to mess around with the resource thing.
And Krita also have auto update on Steam, Windows store, and Epic. When they got update and will find their resource setting “broken”.
But I think the situation might not happen in the future, only from Krita 4 to 5.

The system has been entirely rewritten, and is not compatible between krita 4 and 5

But that’s known from many month now, there’s no surprise :slight_smile:

For future release normally it should be Ok.
Except if there’s a big bug I suppose :sweat_smile:

I read “Apparently, the work with the resource rewrite isn’t done yet.
I find it a little shameful to dare to say such a thing after all the work done by the developers.
The resource system is not yet perfect (there’s still some bugs yes, and probably things to improve), but the resource system rewrite in Krita 5 is done.

Sad to see some people saying things without having any knowledge of situation :confused:
I’m not involved in the development, but I find it hurtful to read this… I dare not imagine what the developers may feel :dizzy_face:

For information @halla explained here why no migration system has been written for krita 4 → 5 upgrade:



We’re not supposed to always know everything, so I’m sorry if it hurts you. But thanks for the comments.
I’ll see if I can keep my tags and shortcuts going from an older to a newer version.

What @Grum999 means by hurting is that the way you type things is rude towards the developers. You can express your anger without sounding entitled. Nobody owes you anything.

We can always show some respect to other people’s work. Particularly if that work is the result of long hard work of many years. Yes there is always a room for improvement, everything will not be perfect for the first time.

Almost all of your post has sarcastic tone and it is always comparison and complains about how Krita is not having something that your favourite other software has. Or how Krita doesn’t meet your expectations right now for free. Considering the amount of your complaints regarding Krita and praise for other software , I am really surprised you are still using it.

Krita is free if there is so much problem and if it doesn’t meet your expectation then you are free to use anything else which gives you perfection. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but nobody is in a legal contract to you give you free proprietary software clone for free.


“Kritashortcutsrc” is shortcuts assigned through the keyboard shortcuts settings (and also can be saved via “save” command). Is there a way to backup “canvas input settings” (it was reseted after last update, so good to know for future cases)?

I’m entitled to nothing other than giving my feedback I believe.
This is not an order from a Sergent to his fireteam and it will never be.
But you talk like if it was the case.

Still using it because I support more Krita now that it became even better compared to years ago(it has a lot of things I wished present in it, and many were taken or inspired from proprietary softwares to be honest)
And it is thanks to these comparisons and complains that a lot in Krita’s evolution made it a favored software to me for more than a year at least now. Just what do you think Krita would be without discussion and critical judgement on these features we request and pray to have for the software ? What do you think Krita would be if it didn’t have the filters it possesses ? The layer styles ? The new flow system in the brush settings, the masked brush and texture blending modes like Overlay, Height, Hard Mix and more ? the improved brush engines performance ? The painting assistants ? Complaints, or rather feedback in general is unavoidable and necessary. Pick everything that is constructive, and scrap the rest. Some features from proprietary softwares are not necessarily the best and the perfect things, but are well thought many times, so well that they don’t require improvement anymore for years. In case of conflicts or doubts, there can always be discussion between users and devs.

Anyway, I stated that “apparently the resource rewrite is still not over” for realizing that I can’t keep the same resourcesqlite file after updating Krita. Which means, I’d have to reassign my brush tags.
Call it rude if you want, it’s not my problem.
After reading your comments, by the looks of it, the developers already know it themselves.
So maybe I should just delete the topic and be patient as they continue their hard work.

Also, please @raghukamath don’t tell me again that I disrespect the developers hard work.
I’m in no way explicitly doing this in any of my posts.

That should be saved to the file “kritadefault.profile”, the file is in Kritas resources-folder in the subfolder “input”. Because it is saved in coded form I have to guess, but there seems to be no other alternative than this.
Perhaps someone with better knowledge of these internals may tell if I’m right or wrong, because I’m only 99.9% sure it is this file.


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Well feedback is always welcome as long as it is constructive and not rude.

Okay if you say so. Might be the language barrier, but to me and from the looks of it to others your language does seemed rude. Might be my imagination. But I will tell you again when I think you are being rude. It is my job as a moderator. You are free to tell me the reason or if it is not the case.

For now patience is a good thing to have.


Yes, you are right. My custom profile was here but with “version=4”, so Krita didn’t see it until I changed number to 5.

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