Krita Android app size - 31GB! 😮

I just checked my internal memory on my S7 tablet (running Android 12) and found that Krita is taking up a whopping 31.54GB! :open_mouth:
I know I use Krita a lot but I didn’t think it was taking up so much space! Could it be all the brush bundles that I have imported? :thinking:

How to clear up space without losing brushes and settings on Android. :person_shrugging:
This is on Krita 5.1.1

@sh-zam ?

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I hope you don’t mind, I have a small question, how many bundles? :thinking:

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I gotta go count them… I’ll do that after dinner time.


maybe it the cache?
You could always add more storage with SD card I think

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I do have an SD card too. It makes no difference to the internal space.

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How much is your internal space? was it in the 128 gb? 256 gb?

The 128 GB one.

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oof, I would say figure out which brush bundle you used the most, and which one you least used the last few months or so. This would be a good time to back up your stuff too

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I agree! :+1:t2:

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I would try clearing the cache.

I just did that but it doesn’t seem to be much. Here’s a screenshot…

I tried counting the bundles that I imported and there are about 35.

I went into the paintoppresets folder and selected all the kpp’s (but a few were other file types) and it was about 213.

it must be the brushes…I havent downloaded any, just have the default brushes, and my Data says 207 mb

Ok, I just deleted 4 bundles (the biggest ones) and after restarting the tablet, it didn’t make much difference. :confused:
Edit: I just deleted 5 more and again, it didn’t seem to make a difference

A random idea: check if you have the Recorder docker setup to auto-record on every new document, and also check the list of records stocked as in the screenshot above. It can be pretty big quickly (on my screenshot, a single 4K artwork that took me hours can result in 14GB of disk space occupied).

I just checked, there was nothing (I never activated it.)

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Ok. Then another random attempt: the “Swap” in the Settings/Performance maybe?

Ok, mine is just 4GB…

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Can you restart your tablet itself? Sometimes that helps too ( NVM I just read that you did!)

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Is ti including your work files as well, i wonder? or like recovery files etc

That I don’t know. My work files I’ve moved to the SD card, dunno if Krita keeps a copy within the “secret” file area.
Not sure where to look for the recovery files, are they the ones that have the ~ before the name?