Krita Appreciation Post <3

I just wanted to talk about the features that stand out and I truly love about Krita. <3

When I switched to CSP one thing I missed more than anything else about Krita was my popup palette.
It is my favorite thing about Krita. How nice to not have to go digging in dockers for my favorite brushes, I can just call them up and my palette right to my hand. Makes things so much faster to switch back and forth between.

Also being able to reverse any of my default brushes into an eraser quickly is AWESOMELY versatile!

Krita’s brushes also taper a lot more nicely than CSP’s, idk why but I found when making things like fur or whiskers I had to make my strokes backwards starting from what would be the end of the hair to the base to get a smooth taper because at the end of the taper CSP tended to cut off too sharply.
Not sure if it was a compatibility issue with my devices or what.
But Krita’s brush strokes work more naturally for me, starting from the base and making a smooth taper to the end.

Also I really like how the Basic - 4 Flow Opacity brush behaves. It’s my favorite. Hahaha.
And I like how the Basic - 1 brush/pen’s default isn’t a taper.
I know this is an adjustable option in most programs but there are other brushes in Krita’s roster that work better for line weight if you want it, but we have this default option we don’t need to tweak for when we DON’T want line weight and just want a nice consistent line. (great for backgrounds with lots of geometric shapes and layouts in particular imo)

I FLLIPPIN’ LOVE how I know I can get a perfectly even amount of pigment over an area if I don’t lift my pen off my tablet using the airbrush. No inconsistencies in opacity where my filling in wasn’t 100% even.
And I can layer so very gradually yet evenly if I want.
This is great when I want to quickly touch up the tint of something while not wanting to be totally opaque, not needing to fiddle with a filter or blending option.

One feature I’m really excited about also is the Colorize Mask. O.O
The possibilities for this to dramatically speed up laying down my flat colors is wild.
What a smart feature!

Again I am so thankful for such a powerful program that is so accessible.

What is your favorite thing about Krita?


First it was the features, now I think it’s the wonderful community of people :heart: I have never been a part of such a nice and welcoming art community before I started to use Krita, but all of you rock and makes me feel part of something wonderful :sparkles:


Mainly because it is free and open source. I don’t have the money to pay for any of the drawing software that cost money, whether it be a one time fee or (Clip Studio Paint) a subscription like system. It also has alot of features that would be found in the pay to use software or has some Krita-specific way to use it. The ability to add other reasources made by other people is a pretty big reason I use (I have some brush bundles made by others I like to use) Krita. From what I know, photoshop allows you to import other brushes, but there are limitations what what formats photoshop supports, while Krita supports multiple formats of brushes. The brush settings menu (f5) is also really fun to use. The ability to be in complete control on how a brush behaves is something pretty useful to have.


If I had to pick just one feature it would have to be the freedom to customize… Brushes, shortcuts, workspace. I’ll never be finished getting things “just right.” :smile:


First post ever but

I love the way Krita handles brushes and how flexible and various the brush settings are. I’ve never made many brushes from scratch and would rather edit existing ones but it’s a lot better than stuff I’ve used before (Ibispaint and Medibang).

I also love that Krita’s highly customizable! From themes to layouts to settings, to even being able to add plugins that give more features!


I started learning digital art (or pretty much art in general) on Krita and consider it my main program. But I’ve also purchased a copy of CSP (pro I think?). A lot of my favourites have already been mentioned e.g. open source, general customisability.
For me the most underappreciated one is the colour wheels. I don’t know any other program that has such a variety in possible colour wheels. I especially love that you can use a more sensible sorting scheme like HSY’. It just makes so much more sense to me since it allows me to control values much more easily.
I think what’s also interesting is the kinds of custom brushes people make in Krita in comparison to CSP. CSP seems to have much larger number of them, thought that may be due to the fact that they can all be found at a single site (which would be good to have in Krita as well I think). However, a lot of CSP brushes are for very specific purposes, e.g. drawing zippers, scars or special effects, whereas in Krita I feel like people try to have a bit of a more general approach with a slight traditional slant. I think a majority of brushes in the 2 programs could in theory be copied to each other, but Krita’s more customisable brush engine and the approach of custom brush makers make me prefer its brushes.


RGBA brushes for me are up there. Then it’s the plugins. I like how it mostly has the essentials. Some Mypaint brush support is nice.


My favorite current feature is it works flawless for me. :grin:

Talking about the future, I like to see how it is improved in every new version. It’ll be great the addings for comic artists. I think that is something Krita lack a bit and is an area where Krita can shine if it is done from scratch without trying to mime other software. Currently we can make comics and we have an interesting Comic Manager plugin, but last ideas after 3.5.1 feels very promising.

Krita with current awesome digital painting features and future comics features will be the best artist solution. I avoid animation because, for me, Opentoon is the best solution.


To me recently is the eraser mode changing look. One of the biggest features of 5.1 in my mind.