KRITA ART CHALLENGE 😮 | Image Manipulation

This week, I am challenging you to create a “fantasy” image by putting together 3 to 5 pictures. This is a building exercise. This is the best way to implement some of the techniques I have shown you in my past tutorials. The main purpose of this video is to guide you on how to manipulate pictures.

In this video you will also learn a few new things:

04:33 How to use a transparency mask

07:21 How to get rid of a black background

09:58 How to create a reflection effect.

Toward the end, I am introducing you to the color adjustment curve. Do not worry… just watch.

I will create a full tutorial in the future regarding this.

To participate in the challenge, please Tweet your image to @blade_and_Quill

To use my images, please go to my website where you will find the PNG and JPG files of the images.

The link is the following: Tutorial videos — CelticCoco Publishing, LLC

There, you will find instructions on how to save the images to your computer.

Please know that my website is safe, and I do not sell anything. I will not ask you to subscribe to the website either. So, please feel free to visit anytime. It’s just a place for me to share ideas, tutorials and showcase my silly creations. So, if you want to talk to me, just use the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Examples of websites where you can find Copyright-free pictures:

I really hope you will participate. As the chain grows, my goal is to be able to offer prizes to the most original creations in the future. Because winning something is always a lot of fun. It’s rewarding!!!

KRITA ART CHALLENGE :open_mouth: | Image Manipulation