Krita Artists has now webm and webp file upload enabled

Due to demands from some users and @emmetpdx, we have enabled webp and webm extension for upload . Due to disk space restrictions we have set the file size limit to 3mb for now. we can’t set per extension limit so this is a global limit. Some videos can be quiet large so we have to set a limit.

Now you can upload animations in webm :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! :sunglasses:

Does that mean I can do short screen captures and upload directly - like if I want demonstrate something in Krita? I really wished I could to do that last night!

If it’s in webm, then yes. That depends on the program you use to record your screen. On Windows there is even an app called “Screen2Gif”, very nice for little things.

That sounds nifty! - Is there a linux equivalent? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just checked Kazam and it has a webm option! :+1:

I just thought - does Krita have a framerate?! - I mean does the canvas update at a specific fps?! :thinking:

On Linux if you want to record the screen to gif there is a program called peek. For normal screen capture without any fuss i use simplescreenrecorder

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I think you can check the canvas fps rate. you can enable that somewhere in the settings. i don’t remember is right now.

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Thanks @raghukamath. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tried rendering a loop animation as .webm (with the 5.0.0 appimage) and it doesn’t loop in the browser. An animated .gif does loop nicely.
Is there any way of making a .webm file loop in the browser?

@Mythmaker : In Settings -> Configure Krita -> Performance -> Advanced tab, there’s an option ‘Debug logging of OpenGL framerate’.
If you enable that, you get a live readout of the canvas update rate at the top left of the workspace.

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