Krita black screen


I seem to be having an issue where whenever I start Krita, the window is just a black screen. I’m on Windows 7 and using Krita 4.2.8. Prior to this, I had many other problems starting Krita as my PC was just formatted, and I needed to reinstall it. I might have solved those problems, but the one I’m facing now is different.

After the loading screen is done, saying “Loading Main Window…”, the window is all black. Whenever I tried opening a .kra file, a small error message of Krita’s will pop up. The first time it did this, it said something about not being able to initialize OpenGL (or something like that; I was unable to get a screenshot). The succeeding times, it crashed Krita entirely before the message could load again. I tried reinstalling Krita (the same version) over and over again, but it wouldn’t work.

At this point, I’m desperate to try and get it to work because I have this .kra file I really need to open. I’m asking for your help. Any ideas on how to fix this problem are greatly appreciated. If you guys think this is an actual bug, I’ll go ahead and file a bug report.

First of all, I hope you’re aware Microsoft stopped Windows 7 support about half a year ago, so no more updates (unless there’s some extreme security issue like Blaster worm in 2003 that turned just about any unpatched system connected to the internet into a virus spreader so they had hardly a choice but to patch all the way back to NT4)

And if you get an OpenGL error, well you obviously got an issue with the drivers. But since you didn’t share the system information Krita collects to troubleshoot such issues, I could only guess your configuration, like ANGLE vs. native OpenGL, your GPU vendor/model etc.

Thank you for responding.
I’ll try to fix my drivers. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to fix my hard disk.

I’m using Krita for the first time on Windows 7 and having the same problem (black screen, in some areas of the screen the cursor changes but I can’t see any options, otherwise unresponsive). I haven’t received any error messages but I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know much about drivers so if it’s an issue with that I’ll need help configuring it.