Krita + Blender | Box Art for Atari Jaguar Games | Llamatron & Revenge of the Mutant Camels

This was a paid project I did a few years ago. It was a huge honor to work on artwork for games made by the legendary Jeff Minter, and to see it physically released by AtariAge. Any Atari fans out there?

I first produced a series of thumbnails for the client to comment and choose from. After they made a decision on two ideas that they liked, I did some somewhat larger color thumbnails in Krita. After they chose between these two ideas, I then moved into working on the final piece. I did the base artwork in Blender, and then did a paint over in Krita.

I also did some 3D pre-visualization of the final product in Blender, including stills and video for marketing.

I did record most of this process. Unfortunately most of the work in Krita for the box art is lost, but I do have a time lapse of the label artwork that includes both Blender and Krita below.


This is really nice work.

Also, why did it never occur to me to make game box templates for Krita before? Other programs have them.



The final box art was assembled in Inkscape with this one. But you could use Krita to do most of what I uswe Inkscape for, when it comes to doing the final assembly for printing.

This is really nice, I like the colors and the layout, You are now in #featured

Thank you!

Amazing artwork. I love the palette. But isn’t the Atari Jaguar a console that came out in 1995 or so? They still make games for that?


There are a handful of developers that work on the system still, making new games and porting games from the Atari ST. I was a part of a team that released a Flappy Bird clone a few years ago. On cartridge with box and everything. We are hoping to have a couple more game released here within the next year.

If you want to dig into it a bit more, the Jaguar has a unique story when it comes to homebrew development. Long story short, it is possibly the only mainstream video game console that is technically legal to produce non restricted homebrew for. This is due to Hasbro Interactive, after buying out Atari in the 90’s, released publishing rights for the console into the public domain.

The AtariAge Jaguar forums are a great place to start digging into the Jaguar homebrew world if you are interested.

Wow I had no idea. Very cool. It’s nice that Hasbro released it into public domain. More companies should do that, many companies are hogging their stuff they don’t use anymore anyway. Could it be that Hasbro has a history of releasing rights? I heard rumors that they published My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic under a license that allowed fans to create and release their own materials based on the show, but I have never found any hard evidence that this is actually true.

Anyway the box art is cool and its also cool that there is still a community developing games for that system. But I have to admit I had a Nintendo and Sega system at that time.

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Great workflow indeed.

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A very good job. Interestingly shown process. Inspiring!

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Very nice art and workflow! Thanks for showing!

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