Krita Brush lag after using it for a while

Hi guys, so my brushes start lagging after using the software for a period of time (~10 to 20 minutes in). When I first open the software the brush seems to be running smoothly, then it begins to lag after a while.

This is annoying as it makes quick sketching and stuff like crosshatching difficult when using a normal pen brush.

I’m using Krita 4.3.0, this issue still persists in previous versions as well

Below are screenshots of Krita’s settings and my computer specs:

Anyone else experiencing the same issue here?

My computer has relatively high specs and has loads of memory to spare, I tried reinstalling and messing around with Krita’s settings. I can’t seem to find any solution to this online. I also tried setting the renderer to OpenGL, but this causes my brush stokes to lag for a bit before it runs smoothly (like the first created stroke has a lag but the brush runs smoothly when drawing the second stroke. Each time I lift off the pen and start drawing again the lag starts again).