Krita buttons now showing

Hello, I’ve had this issue for quite a while now. I don’t know what to do please help.

Things I’ve already tried:
Deleting the Krita folders in appdata
Reinstalling Krita
Updating my drivers
Updating Krita to a newer/older version
Restarting the program as well as my computer.

Below are some screenshots how it looks like to me. Thank you in advance. I’m also known as Mary in the krita discord if anyone wants to reach me directly (see the help/support channel).

Edit: I also tried the portable version

Looks like you tested the 4.3.0-beta? You need to find a local krita4.xmlgui file and remove that.

Oh, okay thank you, where do I find that file?
And yes I tried both the beta version and the 4.2.9
I tried searching my whole computer for it but says no results.

It should be in appdata\roaming\krita.

These are the folders in there, although I still can’t find the xmlgui file, I checked all the sub folders too.

There should be several files in there, after the folders.
Could you have your File Explorer options wrongly set up?

Edit: If you’ve jut started using krita then there will be no files there, just the resources folders.

I’ve used Krita for about a year now. But i uninstalled and reinstalled things after I got this issue. What file explorer options could be wrong?

As I noted (but not in enough detail) in my Edit, now that you’ve wiped everything and reinstalled, it’s as if you’ve just started using krita on that computer, hence no files at the bottom of the listing.

I also had a krita4.xmlgui file in my resources folder which I got rid of some time ago. It may be a different cause for your problem.

Both before and after reinstalling I couldn’t find the xmlgui file anywhere I scanned my entire computer for it too. What should/can I do next?