Krita by Twitch

I look at a lot of artists on Twitch. Most people paint with PS. Then the other graphics programs come by far. Krita is there too. It would be nice if Krita artists could decide to stream their art. For those who don’t know Twitch, here you can show how images are created. It also explains what is done and how.


Dunno about Twitch…I tend to avoid most social media platforms, but am somewhat interested it seeing more Krita work out there…keep thinking maybe I should sign up at some of them…but…

been checking in on Reddit Krita a bit…

I sometime draw in twitch/stream, my watcher are just a couple of my friends. :sweat_smile:
I do feel its boring to stream without music -but twitch had been strict on those and I don’t like speaking. So there’s that.

II thought there would be a lot of pictures shown above and it would be nice to see how they are created. The streams can be recorded on Twitch.

There used to be a official Krita account on twitch I think “Artwithkrita” or made with krita I don’t remember it now.

I am streaming painting in Krita from time to time since over a year.


Didn’t stream for a while! I’ll give it a shot again! My main issues are non-disclosure and screen ratio for my portrait setup (I don’t use Krita reference feature so I make a squarish Krita window to put the reference on the side).


Mind if you share your twitch channels? I would love to follow and maybe watch if i caught a stream on time. [though i’m in gmt +8 timezone]

i think ill start one maybe take commissions through it too

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Bonjour, je viens de crée un compte Twitch, et je vais faire des lives sur krita, est il possible de les annoncer sur le forum ?
merci et à bientôt


I think there’s no problem to made an announcement of your Krita’s live painting twitch sessions here I think, if you use the right #lounge category I suppose (@raghukamath can confirm).

But if you want people being informed of what you’re talking about, I think you should use english at least for the announcement :slight_smile: (even if after on your twitch you’re speaking french)


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Thanks, I’ll see that … I’ll post here as soon as I start a live on twitch