krita can import .abr brush tips but failed to save as .bundle

I imported some photoshop brush tips in Krita 5.0.0 . Then I found the “Manage Resource Libraries” lists each .abr file as an individual package.

So I wanted to gather all photoshop brush tips into a .bundle file.

I created a new bundle and selected all PS tips, then saved.

However, it seems nothing was add into the new bundle.

Is it possible to import brush tips from .abr files then save the brush tips into a new krita bundle?

Download the software abrMate to view and convert most *.ABR files and save the contained brushtips as PNG files. You then need to import these as brushtips to create a *.BUNDLE from them.


Known issue: 398685 – Creating Resource Bundle Allows Selecting but Silently Does Not Include Existing Brushes

It’s not possible and won’t be (yet) possible in Krita 5.0, unless I or Halla implement that soon… please subscribe to the bug report if you are interested. Otherwise, just follow @Michelist 's advice to get the brush tips images out.