Krita causes abrupt shutdowns : problem relevant only with Krita

Please, does anyone have a working solution ?
Krita seriously works in a weird fashion and causes sudden and abrupt shutdowns to my PC
after I use it for a while. Before, I could record a drawing or painting process using OBS+Krita. No more. And I don’t know why. If I dare, Krita will abruptly shuts my PC(usually accompanied with overheat…)
My PC is an Acer Aspire V3 771.

First, what version of Krita are you on?

Second, have you checked the logs under Help?

I use Krita 5.1.0 prealpha.
What should I expect to see in the logs under Help ?

You should see “KRITA DID NOT CLOSE CORRECTLY” and copy and paste what you see there in the logs. It should give hint to why it crashed.

Errm… Please re-read again. I made some corrections.

Ah, so you mean it isn’t Krita that crashes but your PC that crashes.

Hmm, in that case, try updating your gpu drivers? I had a similar issue with an older computer with a Nvidia GPU back in Krita 4. Updating the drivers helped back then.

Does the issue happen in Krita 4? Or only in 5.1 alpha? What about the 5.0 beta?

It also happens on the 5.0 beta.

What does Windows Event Viewer say? It should help you know the reason why it crashed.

Also, make sure to see if it happens with Krita 4. I know you said it didn’t happen before, but sometimes a windows update can change things.

It’s alright I think.
Here’s what I’ve seen. Is this information relevant enough ?

The model range you specified has everything from powerful to very weak. So I ask you (and myself), is it one of the models with dedicated graphics and dedicated graphics RAM, or is it one of the models where the graphics memory is “forked” from the main memory? If it’s one of the 4 GB RAM models with shared memory and processor graphics, it’s a very limited system where I wouldn’t be surprised about such crashes, if it’s one of the 8 GB RAM models with additional 2 GB graphics RAM and Nvidia chip then I would be surprised about these crashes. Please, could you tell us the specifications of your system? Processor, RAM, Chip-graphic or dedicated with own memory?


Mine has the following specs :
CPU : core i7 3610QM
GPU1 : intel hd 4000
GPU2 : Nvidia GT 640M with 2GB of VRAM
RAM : 10GB installed

Thank you so much.
There’s an update. I reinstalled both my Intel Hd 4000 and Nvidia GT 640M graphic drivers.
But now guess what ! After about 5 mins of recording…
Both OBS and Krita close themselves unexpectedly, my Pc doesn’t shut itself anymore… The heck !? O_O

Yeah, those kind of shut downs are usually GPU related.

Since you have dual GPUs, try forcing it to use either the Nvidia GPU only or the Intel GPU only (try both) Graphics switching can be buggy

Also, you can also check the logs to see what caused the crash there.

Lastly, the last option is if you are on Windows 10, make sure that you are on latest BIOS. (while unlikely, it can make a difference)

Speaking of BIOS, I once had a similar issue, with similar error message manly on Linux but on Windows sometimes too. It was due my BIOS having CPU voltage and stuff set to dynamic, which caused the board to power off single cores when the system didn’t need much computing power. My Linux didn’t like when CPUs where suddenly missing and the whole PC crashed. I still have it in Windows sometimes, mostly with old games for some reason.

@KnowZero @Takiro
Just tried to put OpenGL renderer in Krita and it led to my System abruptly shut itself once again.
Also, when Krita and OBS closed themselves, I ended up in a restart loop from file explorer, then later got a BSOD with error : SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION not handled.

I wouldn’t use OpenGL on windows. Microsoft has done a bunch to keep OpenGL down through the years, so it isn’t that great on Windows. Even more so for older gpus.

I had this issue on my old Laptop too, some applications (games in my case) always used the weaker integrated gpu instead of my Nvidia card, I had to explicitly start them on the card and sometimes Windows ignored even this. I ended up giving up windows on my laptop and switched to Linux but bumblebee had it’s own issues.

New update.
First of all, I don’t know why Krita caused this problem. But with time, I had a particular BSOD which helped me fix the issue for good.
The problem was my RAM apparently. So what I did simply was to make sure it was properly inserted. After I mounted back the case, booted my machine and launched OBS with Krita a new time, the recording even lasted up to 30 minutes before I stop it. I guess things are back to normal now. :neutral_face:

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