Krita crashed while opening PSD

Krita 5.0.0 - version showed by splash screen on startup. Menu Help - About Krita doesnt consist version number. It is last on 07jan2022.

Windows 11, 64bit, all updates installed. PC running on Intel Core i9-9900.

Krita crashes while opening photoshop PSD files. No messages showed, it just closes after few seconds after open starts. I tried reboot Windows, run Krita from Admin, but nothing. Other files opens normally. Some PSD files also opens (i guess easy PSD, but not sure).

Windows event logger says that Krita version is and crash happened in module libkritaresources.dll, exception code: 0xc0000005 (P7) and error offset if 0x00000000000302f1 (P8)

How can I fix it? Wait for updates?

I don’t get a crash with the PSD’s I have tested, so please make a bug report ( and attach the PSD. Since the crash happens in the resources library, chances are it uses layer styles that need resources in a way we didn’t anticicpate, so we need the file to figure out the bug.

If the PSD is confidential, you can share it directly with, and I’ll take a look.

I emailed you Google Drive Link because size of files is big, you can download. Thank you!

Got it! I can also reproduce the crash with these files.

I’ve made a bug report and a workaround will be in the next nightly build: 448118 – PSD: KisAslLayerStyleSerializer puts null pointers in the pattern store


Hi !
I meet the same issue as @mitrios with Krita 5.0.2, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7. Intel Core i3, Radeon Pro 555X.
May I send you the PSD @halla ?

By the way, thank you so much guys for the huge effort you made by releasing Krita 5.

I am not a Mac expert, but you can try to solve your problem by enabling/disabling canvas acceleration, as this setting seems to be the cause of many Mac problems.


Thank, I tried it but Krita crashes as well

I think the fix is not in 5.0.2 stable yet, since it was published before the bug report.
Maybe you can try if Krita Plus have fixed it?