Krita crashes when creating a new or opening an existing document

I have been having issues with krita crashing when I try to open an existing or new file. I had the dialog of an unsaved document pop up and I clicked discard and ever since then I can not launch the native install or git build of krita.
I deleted the krita files that are in my ~.config/kritarc and the other krita settings where not causing the crash. However, it did not help stop the crashing. I use KDE Plasma with kvantum theme and checked to see if that was causing it, but it made no difference.
I ran krita with gdb to see if I could figure it out but I couldn’t pin point it. So I was hopping that someone on the forum could help me.
Here is the output:
Krita out put
Thank you for the help.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that when I would start the program it would act like I used keep above all windows and I could not move it using my hot key and mouse. I fixed that issue by deleting the .config file for krita.
This is the other error when running krita with gdb “Thread 1 “krita” received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007fffdd777440 in ?? () from /usr/lib64/”

Okay, I reinstalled opencolorio and now it doesn’t crash when I make a new canvas and I can open jpegs. However, when I try to paint the canvas moves around when I try to paint like the kenetic scrolling in the brush docker. And it will not stay in one place unless I zoom out till the canvas is really small and in the left hand corner of the workspace. At least it isn’t crashing but this is just as frustrating.

Okay. lol
I changed my kvantum theme and I was going though the settings and noticed that there is a kenetic scrolling option in them, and so it struck me that I had enabled it in the last theme that I was using. Now that it is unchecked krita is working the way it should be.

So I think that for some reason my opencolorio was just needing to be rebuilt and that fixed my crashing.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: