Krita crashes when I add a paint layer/photo

I’m using a Surface Pro/Windows 10 and Krita 4.3.0

When I go to Layer>import/export>import>as paint layer and select a picture from my computer to upload, it acts like it is loading for a few seconds and then closes the whole program completely.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, configuring…it’s been working so well since I downloaded it right when the new update came out and just suddenly started having this problem. It was going slow for a day or two before all this happened. Yes, my computer needed to update, but it had this problem before AND after my computer update. And I have deleted a bunch of programs on my computer to make space in case that’s what it needed, but to no avail :frowning:

I’m just super frustrated because Krita is how I do my commissions. Please please please help!

What is the file format that you are importing? CHeck if it happens with other images too. Reinstalling won’t do anything.

Maybe try the daily builds if you haven’t, Krita Plus and Krita Next.